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The Data Column

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FOSS.NoSQL.Databases.Containers - Blog by Vishal Gandhi

What is this?

The Data Column is attempt to share my learnings with the world and the technology enthusiasts.

As I attempt to explore FOSS and new technologies, I would also like to help those who are on a similar journey.

Learn about NoSQL, Containers, Reverse Proxy, Docker, Kubernetes, and more here on my blog.

What do I do?

I have been into multiple areas of software engineering, software support and database technologies for two decades.

Started my journey in traditional software. In the recent years I am fascinated by the FOSS and FOSS way of software development.

I believe that if there is a code develop by someone, there was a business problem that triggered the need. I love to reproduce complex business problems and solve them using FOSS in my free time.

Who am I?

Born and brought up in India, I enjoy reading books, finding ways to be more productive and creative. I believe in DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself) principle and love to automate the routine things.

My other passions includes cycling and running. My life experience changed when i transformed myself. During weekends, love to cook and try new cuisines.

I have two lovely children who add joy to living each day.